Thursday, 7 July 2011

The Aura Of Eboue

My favourite footballer of the last 5 years has been Emmanuel Eboue. He's not one of Arsenal's best players, heck he's not even the best right back at the club. He doesn't play many games, nor does he score many goals coming off the bench. And a lot of people don't rate him at all.

But there's something about him. In the split-second after he mis-places a pass, or blasts a cross out for a goal kick, when you try to have a go at him....It's impossible. As the expletives form in your mouth, an image of his beaming face appears in your mind and one remembers the truly magnificent stories which will surely go down in folklore:

- When the Arsenal squad met the Queen at Buckingham Palace, instead of conversing with Her Majesty and Prince Phillip our hero decided to roll around on the floor playing with the Corgi's.

You may be wondering "That's not the behaviuor of a proffessional footballer" and you'd be right. Eboue's much more than just a footballer. He's a clown, a joker, a peacekeeper, a toughamn , a help, a hindrance and a lover. Well maybe not that last one.

Another moment for the legends is his famous 'Tiger Suit Incedence'. At an end of season, black tie event for the sponsors, Eboue seemed to delibaretely ignore his invitation requirements and do his own thing. He decided to arrive go dressed in a Tiger Suit. We're not talking a fur coat, this is a full on fancy dress costume! Was Eboue done? The hell he was! Not content with just his attire the Ivorian took it upon himself to provide yet more LULZ. Crouching down beside the door, he had spotted his victim, the unsuspecting Emmanuel Adebayor, as Adebayor approached the entrance to the hotel Eboue struck. Leaping out from behind a plant with a fearsome roar Eboue grabbed the Togo international and wrestled him to the ground. Eboue had won, Eboue always wins.

Now with this in mind, think. The next time he misses a tackle or gives the ball away under pressure, remember. Remember that Eboue is the beating heart of the squad, the bringer of banter. Without him the dressing room would be drearier than a museum tour by Gordon Brown.

Why else is the Emirates packed week in, week out. They only come to see Eboue!

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